Investment Planning

The Tapestry of Retirement Planning in Muskoka!

At Financial Logic, we take pride in unraveling the intricacies of retirement planning, offering comprehensive solutions that echo the unique rhythm of Muskoka living. From crafting income retirement plans in Muskoka to personalized investment strategies, our certified retirement planners are dedicated to guiding you through the journey towards financial tranquility.

Retirement Plan Consultants:

Retirement plan consultants are the architects of your financial peace during the golden years. At Financial Logic, our team of seasoned consultants in Muskoka specializes in translating your retirement aspirations into a tangible, well-structured plan. We understand that each retiree has a unique vision for their future, and our consultants tailor their expertise to align with your individual goals.
As retirement plan consultants, we recognize the importance of understanding the provincial nuances that shape retirement dynamics. Our in-depth knowledge of Ontario’s economic landscape and regulatory environment positions us to craft retirement plans that seamlessly integrate with the region’s financial fabric, ensuring a retirement strategy that is as robust as the Muskoka pines.

Retirement Income Plans:

Crafting a retirement income plan is akin to composing a financial symphony. At Financial Logic, our retirement income plans in Muskoka prioritize stability and predictability. We carefully evaluate your income sources, assess risk tolerance, and tailor strategies that safeguard your financial well-being, allowing you to relish the tranquility of your Muskoka retirement.

Investment Planning

For decades Roch has managed portfolios large and small with the goal of maximizing returns, minimizing volatility and taxes. This is done by using strategic asset allocation that diversify investments across numerous sectors.
Portfolios are built of your goals, your risk tolerance, your tax burden along with your investment objectives. The investment products used may include Equity and Bond funds, Annuities, Guaranteed Investment Certificates, ETFs and REITS.
With people living longer and interest rates on bonds and GICs fluctuating, it is important to select the investments so that people do not out live their money. Employing a mix of annuities, dividend paying securities and guaranteed investments will help in providing the security needed.

Why you need an investment plan?

The speed at which markets change today requires vigilant monitoring which the average investor doesn’t have the time or ability to do, nor do they necessarily understand the ramifications of their actions. Buy low sell high is a common phrase used by investors, however it is very common for investment decisions to be driven by emotions which may cause a sale of an investment at the wrong time.
Another important aspect of your investment plan is to keep on top of your asset allocation. This may mean that investors gravitate toward what is popular, convinced that recent past performance will repeat itself. An ignored portfolio can be very costly.
If you feel that your investment portfolio has been lagging or ignored by your current advisor, give Roch Beaulieu CFP EPC, a call. 905 775 1102 , email at
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