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Who We Are

Sterling Mutuals Inc (www.sterlingmutuals.com) was founded in 2002. The head office is located in Windsor Ontario. Roch Beaulieu CFP & EPC is one of hundreds of independent financial planners. He resides in Muskoka.

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About Roch

CFP( Certified Financial Planner) and EPC ( Elder Planning Counselor )

Roch Beaulieu entered the financial services industry in 1991. Roch received most of his initial financial planning experience from his father, who ran a real estate and insurance company.

Roch has been creating conservative portfolios for both client accumulation and income needs for over 3 decades. He has assisted numerous individuals enjoy security and live their golden years with confidence.

In addition to obtaining his investments funds License and Insurance License, Roch has completed the Canadian Securities Courses and earned the designation of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), the Elder Planning Counselor (EPC). Earning these designations required advanced coursework in taxes, retirement planning, estate planning, investment, risk management, and other finance-related issues.

Roch and his wife, Lisa, Currently reside in Muskoka, Ontario. In his personal time, Roch enjoys adventure motorcycling, investing, traveling, reading and exercise.

Committed to Helping Others

Roch uses a pragmatic, conservative approach to planning. As an independent financial planner Roch has the freedom to use the financial institutions that best fit the client’s needs. Roch’s strategy is designed to help each of his customers create a guaranteed income for life. Thus, the money outlives the client, not the other way around.

Roch’s strong knowledge in the investment industry, coupled with his passion for helping others, has made it possible for our business to help hundreds of clients throughout the Greater Toronto area and Muskoka.

How We Get Paid

All financial products have fees associated with them. Generally, the fee goes to management expenses and the administration of the product. In addition, the fee is used for the compensation of the advisor, regardless if he or she is working for a big Canadian bank, credit union, or an independent wealth management firm.

The compensation can be  commission, or a fee for service model.

Keep in mind that there are positives and negatives to all types of compensation. Here are some important points for you to consider when discussing :

  • What is the amount of the advisor’s compensation?
  • What is the value provided by the advisor?
  • How can the advisor help you to achieve financial success?

No matter the method of payment, there is no doubt that a detailed comprehensive roadmap can help you in the long run. It brings your financial, retirement, and investment plan together. Furthermore, a complete transparent discussion on the fees associated with your investments is mandatory.

What We Do

Financial Analysis

We are continuously researching the markets understanding the trends and advise clients the most financially efficient means of growing their investments.

First-Hand Advice

We are in direct communication with financial institutions, attend their seminars and meet with their representatives on a regular basis.


We work to understand your risk tolerance, your retirement horizon, among many other factors to ensure your money is working hard for you.

Insurance Policies

We utilize a number of life insurance and disability products from the top providers in Canada.



We understand every person, family unit or estate has very different needs. We work with you to tailor design your plan.



Year of Experience


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